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All types of Flags Coat of Arms Flag Accesories
Custom Flags
Coat of Arms

and other sewen, appliquéd, embroidered or printed items.


We are ready to produce large selection of sewen, appliquéd, embroidered or printed products (workwear, uniforms, bed linen...) . On this page you can read details about flag and banner production - for information about other items contact our Head office in Sarajevo.

Flags & Coat of Arms

__Flags & Coat of Arms have long expressed symbolism and individual expression for nations, states and various other groups of common interest.
__They are are adorned worldwide as an expression of achievement, recognition and common goals.

__We can provide you all types of long lasting, high qualitty outdoor and indoor flags - state and country flags, religion flags, sports, comercial, custom made flags etc...

__State & Country flags and Coat of Arms
__We can produce flags of every member of the United Nations, in addition to other interesting countries, and unique ancestral flags with exacting standards of quality and durability, accurately portraying each nation's unique design.

__These flags are available for indoors or out in a variety of styles and sizes (from miniature flags for table displays to large outdoor flags).
__Flags can be made in solid or multi-color patterns. They may be appliqued, embroidered or printed.

__We are also producing using same tehique different types of Coats of Arms.

__Custom made Flags
__Would you like to have your own authentic (company, family, sports club ....) flag to add a personal touch to any home or office?
__ We just need your artwork, advice on which method and material to use and your flag will become realitty.

Other Products

__Custom banners, comercial company logo flags, table drapes, or other dye subbed, printed, embroidered, appliquéd or sewn items can be also oredered in Hidex Company.
__ These items can help you to promote on very effective way your companies, new products, different organizations,
sports clubs, community events etc
__For instance organizers of large and small events target crowds and traffic using street banners to help create awareness.
Flag Accessories   ___We have large selection of accessories neccesery for your flag whether you plan to display it indoors on a stage or outdoors on a building,
__We have several types of poles, ornament stands and brackets for all your flag accessory needs.
__Contact us to help you choose the right accessories for your flag..
The Process __The Fabric
__We use only the highest in quality materials.
Our prefered flag & banner material is "100% polyester" (we can use other materials available on world market, if you specified that). This "all weather" material adding excitement and beauty to any location.

Flags can be hand-washed in cool water with a mild laundry detergent. You can also place the flags that need a cleaning in a clothes washer. If you choose to use a washer, set the cycle to gentle and use cold water. This will help prevent excessive wrinkling.. degrees.
Manufacturing Method
__Flag construction combines the finest quality materials with the skillful sewing and embroidery
__As we said earlie flags can be appliqued, embroidered or printed.
__Applique is great for large banners or flags.
__There are no size limitations when using this process. With this process we cut elements or letters from a fabric of your choice then with a tight zigzag stitch is sewn onto a fabric background.
Silkscreening is used usually for small indoor flag or big series of outdoor flags.
__With Emboidery method we can doo some details (for instance star) , or do complete work. (on on your flag, t-shirts, caps, military uniforms etc...)

__Depending type of flag or banner and its future purpose - finish touches can include flannel-lined pole headings, grommets, golden yellow fringe, cord etc...
So its on you choose the finishing that best fits for your needs.

__What kind of art work does we require?
__All our products are made to your specifikations. We can produce your order from a advertisements, pencil sketch, a detailed drawing, JPEG images sent via conventional mail, e-mail, or computer disk.
__We will work with you to do whatever it takes to assure high quality results for your artwork needs.
__We will be happy to advise you on materials and methods best suited for your needs. __

__Pricing: Due to the several factors influencing final price of our products (design complexity, size, types of used material and manufacturing methode, number of items oredered) it is best to call us with questions or pricing information.

__You can place an order by phone or by coming directly to our office in Sarajevo
Ordering by phone:
If you prefer to order by phone, call us at
++387 33 455 704 Mobile ++387 61 252 542 Monday-Friday between 8AM and 4PM ET
or fax
++387 33 454 509 24 hours a day.

__Email: hidex@bih.net.ba

__Allow us 3 to 7 seven business days from receipt of order and final specifications to deliver your product.

__Sometimes you just have to have it! Faster service available at a rush-order purchase.
__Limitted Warranty: All items purchased from Hidex Company, are warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase to be free from manufacturing and material defects.

__Hours of operation: 8AM to 4PM Monday through Friday.


Bosnian Flag & Banner company - We are ready to produce: All types of Flags, Coat of Arms, Banners and other appliquéd, sewen, embroidered or printed items...

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